PLACE Site of the Month – Deer Park Elementary

The Deer Park PLACE Program, led by Felicia Anton and Bethann Kahlbaugh, is a fun and immersive program that encourages parent interaction and positive thinking at every turn. Felicia and her caring staff is always willing to lend an ear and a helping hand. The outside groups are a surprisingly popular attraction as well with so much variety. Between the “Peaceful Playground” and the variety of undercover activities, it’s almost impossible to see any child sitting still. For those who want to stay indoors, Felicia and her staff develop daily Art and Craft activities for children to take home. These children are proud to show off what they did at PLACE to everybody. The recent Fun Run saw a great turn-out as well. Parents and children were treated to Gatorade and delicious fruit in order to cool-off and recover from the run.

Please help me in congratulating Felicia Anton (Site Manager), Bethann Kahlbaugh (Assistant Site Manager), Dana Nelson (SCCA), Jaymie Ross (SCCA), and Lisa Simmons (SCCA) for being nominated as the PLACE Site of the Month for April 2018!




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