Site of the Month – Connerton Elementary

Congratulations to Connerton Elementary School in becoming the PLACE Site of the Month for October!

The Connerton PLACE Program is always in constant motion. Led by the Management team of Brenna Noble and Leah Mullins, the Connerton PLACE program is an exciting experience for both students and staff. Connerton hosted the first ever “Star Wars Club” in which students learned all about the Science Fiction genre of movies. They learned about traveling through space and how to create their own fictional universe using the various ideas from the movie. The inside activity centers also reflect a wide range of activities. The Reading Area has its own couch and foot rest! The stage area is also utilized fully with a full kitchen set including an island and stools for children to play with. There’s a nursey area and a shopping center set up right next the kitchen as well. But it isn’t just the inside of the program that keeps students entertained. Students hurry to go outside as well! Connerton Elementary School has wide open spaces with an abundance of wild life. You can often see students playing Silent Speed Ball next to the sandhill cranes that roam the field and undercover shelter. Students learn to respect the wild life surrounding the school and it’s so neat to see children walking to class right next to a giant bird. Please help me in congratulating Brenna Noble (Site Manager), Leah Mullins (Assistant Site Manager), Laurie Barlow (SCCA), and Julieann Stamper (SCCA) in becoming October’s PLACE Site of the Month.




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