Vacation Credit Policy

Vacation credit means that students will not be in attendance and the clients will be given a vacation credit equal to the normal weekly tuition.

• Clients must complete and return the Vacation Notification Form prior to the requested vacation date or they will be charged their weekly tuition. Vacation requests and vacation credits will not be granted after the fact. Vacation requests will not be granted to clients who have a past due balance. Vacation credit will not be given to clients who leave with a past due balance.

• A vacation week is considered five continuous days beginning on a Monday. Students will not be eligible to attend the program on any day during the vacation week without being charged.

• Clients/students who enroll or re-enroll and attend during the regular school year program are eligible to take two weeks of vacation before the beginning of the next regular school year program for a maximum of two weeks during any regular school year.

• Summer only clients are not eligible for vacation credit.

• Drop-in clients and subsidized clients are not eligible for vacation credit.

PLACE is OPEN Full Days on the below listed dates:

  • December 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th
  • January 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th

PLACE is CLOSED on the below listed dates:

  • December 25th
  • January 1st

Winter Break Calendars

To view what is happening during the 2017-18 Winter Break, please click on your PLACE Site name.  We have a  lot of exciting things planned during our time together.  

Anclote Elementary
(727) 774-3292
Bexley Elementary
(813) 346-4392
Chasco Elementary
(727) 774-1292
Chester W. Taylor
(813) 794-6992
Connerton Elementary
(813) 346-1892
Cotee River Elementary
(727) 774-3092
Cypress Elementary
(727) 774-4592
Deer Park Elementary
(727) 774-8992
Denham Oaks Elementary
(813) 794-1692
Fox Hollow Elementary
(727) 774-7692
Gulf Trace Elementary
(727) 246-3692
Hudson Elementary
(727) 774-4092
Lake Myrtle Elementary
(813) 794-1092
Longleaf Elementary
(727) 774-0892
Moon Lake Elementary
(727) 774-4692
New River Elementary
(813) 346-0592
Oakstead Elementary
(813) 346-1592
Odessa Elementary
(727) 246-3792
Pasco Elementary
(352) 524-5290
Pine View Elementary
(813) 794-0692
Sand Pine Elementary
(813) 794-1992
Sanders Elementary
(813) 794-1592
Schrader Elementary
(727) 774-5992
Seven Oaks Elementary
(813) 794-0792
Trinity Elementary
(727) 774-9992
Veterans Elementary
(813) 346-1492
Watergrass Elementary
(813) 346-0692
Wiregrass Elementary
(813) 346-0792
Woodland Elementary
(813) 794-6492
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